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Health screening services are one of BaySport's core service offerings. We have been providing health screening services for over 25 years, starting in 1984 with Apple Computer. Since our first client, BaySport has continued to be a leader in the field of wellness screenings by providing clinically-skilled employees, outstanding customer service, and unequalled dedication to detail for each screening event. As an industry leader, our team conducts over 12,000 health screens per year.



Health Screening Philosophy


BaySport believes that offering on-site health screening programs provides individuals with valuable personal information about their health. The beauty of on-site screening programs is that BaySport can provide immediate health related data, and take advantage of that "teachable moment" with the responsive audience (the participant). The goal is to educate early, enabling individuals to take control of their health and wellness decisions. We believe in the importance of developing positive wellness habits which can set-up all employees for future success in their work life and home life. This philosophy is mirrored after the CDC's Workplace Model.



The BaySport health screening philosophy is to evaluate, educate, and empower.


Our methodology is:


  • To educate the employee/participant as to their current health status based on quantifiable measurements;
  • To work with the employee/participant to develop short term and long term goals;
  • To provide program options, whether they are corporate based or community based, which create a roadmap to achieve these goals;
  • To provide on-going counsel and support;
  • To provide follow up testing to reinforce goals and objectives.


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