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BaySport currently supports numerous engagement programs including onsite wellness seminars, onsite weight loss programs and countless fitness and wellness incentive programs, and other programs that often fall under the supervision of our fitness staff (i.e. league play, intramurals, team workout challenges, etc).  We have the experience of implementing these programs with a personal company-specific design/theme, creating and implementing communications and marketing, managing the program (including hands on support as well as online motivational support, results communications, etc.) so that we can grab the best of a company culture to make these programs FUN and engaging for all participants.



Supporting Corporate Programs Nationwide


BaySport designs fitness programs for Top Fortune 500 Companies nationwide. Our current corporate sponsored projects are in the following states and vary in size of facility and scope of services.


Arizona (2 locations), California (20 locations), Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania,

Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington (2 locations), Edmonton, Canada




Fitness Center Staffing


As a service provider, it is our belief that the qualifications and experience of the individuals dedicated to a corporate fitness project should reflect the potential impact that they might have on the eventual success of the operation. The Fitness Center staff will have a major influence on the "personality" of the center. As a result, the professionalism, character, qualifications, and experience of these individuals should reflect the potential impact they might have on the eventual success of the operation.


BaySport's commitment to our team is unrivaled in the industry. With full-time employees that have an average tenure of over 7.5 years, we strive to maintain a family-like feel for fellow staff members and clients.

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Employee average tenure

of over 7.5 years.

I am so impressed at how BaySport operates. What a great company this is! I worked at Hewlett Packard (HP) for a bazillion years and thought that was the best run company ever. BaySport reminds me of that old HP environment, but better!


Susan Halet

Group Exercise Instructor



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