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We will customize a health screening program for you.

BaySport takes great pride in providing high quality and cost effective health screening programs that focus on optimal program success. This includes preparation for general event management as well as the smaller details required for specific populations.



Health Screening Components


BaySport health screenings are performed under the direction of the BaySport Preventive Medical Group. They are designed to assess overall health risks and assist participants in the development of an effective risk reduction plan.



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20 to over 750 participants per screening event!


10,000+ screenings per year!




Additional screening tests may include  Body Composition - (% fat) via skinfold calipers; waist circumference; and, Hemoglobin A1c, HbA1c, for known diabetics or those with elevated (abnormal) glucose values.





To enhance convenience for an interested employee who is unable to make the worksite screening appointment, BaySport will honor biometric testing performed for the employees of our corporate client at any of our Bay Area clinics.



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