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Yes, it's personal. Personalized programming that meets your budget.

BaySport’s full circle approach to service gives our team the advantage to support all facets of a corporate wellness strategy. From our biometric screenings to risk factor reduction programs to individual and group fitness training to incentive driven gamification events, BaySport can support a client interested in a single point of contact for program design, development, and success – a real culture changer!

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FITNESS: We become 'match makers' for participants and their program interests, driving up participation.

BaySport has established a successful track record in the health and fitness industry of developing

services designed to meet the specific needs of our corporate partners. With an emphasis on

programs that rate high on the “FUN FACTOR SCALE”, we are able to create an environment that

becomes the basis for program success. This approach to health and wellness goes well beyond the

fitness center – to the boardroom – to have a direct benefit on the corporate bottom line. It is this

same proactive approach to corporate health that will support the requirements for justification of

programming and provide a basis for “best practice” benchmarking.





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WELLNESS: We provide a multifaceted approach to enhance the participant's overall well-being.

BaySport has a longstanding history of supporting our corporate clients’ wellness programs long before the term ‘Wellness' came to be in the corporate setting. BaySport Wellness programs are diverse and vary based on business needs, the size of the organization and culture. Our advantage: the cross-training of BaySport team members in both the clinical and corporate environment. Mix that with the desire to serve and the result is quality programming with a team you can trust.



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DESIGN AND CONSULTING: We know there's more to designing a fitness center than simple schematics.

Thinking about adding a fitness center to your corporate campus? Experienced with over 35 fitness center design/development projects, BaySport is able to address the full range of potential services that may be incorporated into the scope of a new fitness center environment, i.e. facility design, program development, equipment purchase, facility operations, etc.



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