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The BaySportLife Program is a comprehensive, clinically-based lifestyle training program individually designed to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Our experienced team of clinical professionals will guide you through a health improvement plan that includes specific nutrition recommendations, an exercise prescription, hands on exercise training, and ongoing follow-up. Our web-based tracking tool allows you to stay connected to your health coach during the whole journey!


BaySportLife Program includes:


  1. Lifestyle Training Consultation and Program Development
  2. Initial Nutrition Assessment and Dietary Plan (60 minutes) with a Registered Dietitian
  3. Training Sessions (15 sessions @ 30 minutes)
  4. Ten One-on-one Training Sessions with Personal Trainer includes Fitness Assessment plus Five Independent Training Sessions
  5. Ongoing Lifestyle Coaching by Case Manager
  6. Follow-up evaluation and goal setting with Registered Dietitian and Clinical Physiologist or Physical Therapist
  7. Program Report to Referring Physician (if applicable)
  8. Web-based Health and Fitness Tracking with AttuneLife


Individual Services:


  1. Lifestyle Training Consultation and Program Development with Case Manager (Clinical Physiologist or Physical Therapist)
  2. Nutrition Consultation and Program Development (60 minutes)
  3. Ongoing Lifestyle Coaching by Case Manager
  4. Wellintune - Web-based Health and Fitness Tracking


A Team Approach: Working with You and Your Physician


Our team will work with you on a specific health improvement strategy as prescribed by your physician. We keep your doctor in the loop during the whole process with ongoing progress updates and communications to enhance your BaySport experience and better target your long term goals.


Our Setting and Location

14830 Los Gatos Blvd, Suite 101, Los Gatos


Our clinic is conveniently located at the intersections of Los Gatos Boulevard, Samaritan Drive, and National Avenue in Los Gatos. Identified by the red tile roof of the Walker Medical Building, clients will be greeted by a friendly staff in a relaxed, spa type setting of private patient rooms, locker/shower facilities, and an open treatment area with a complete line of exercise equipment, flat screen monitors, and Wi-Fi access.



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